American Insurance Specialist

American Insurance Specialist offers services to help you plan for your future, through a full range of financial services that can help you grow and protect your assets, helping you to create security for you, your heirs and your business.

Key Features

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To protect against the loss of your life or the loss of your ability to earn an income if you become disabled, you need life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance.

Estate Planning

Without proper estate planning, much of your estate may be subject to very high estate and inheritance taxes. Why take the chance that the government will get those assets that you worked your whole life for instead of your heirs.

Wealth Accumulation

Accumulating wealth for financial security is a goal that requires planning and discipline.

Business Planning

For business owners, planning means more than business as usual. You need to ensure for your business will continue without you at the controls.

Retirement Planning

You can no longer rely on social security and your employer sponsored plan for your retirement income, you will need to plan for your retirement to ensure that you have enough set aside to be comfortable during your retirement years.

Life Events

This usually falls into one of the categories just mentioned. We all have different needs and priorities at various stages of our lives. You could be planning for marriage or retirement, or you could be purchasing your first home or equipment and supplies for your own business.

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